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Bibi Netanyahu: “A new Islamic Hitlerism is threatening the West”

This is the most intelligent and aware talk about Islam, the Muslim political agenda and the in-depth problem with Middle Eastern aggression I have ever heard from the mouth of a politician. But then, these people have spent every single day of their life for the past 60 years researching, investigating and battling this human evil.

And the rest of the world don’t seem to care. But guess what? When it hits on our own home turf, we will need the knowledge and skills of Israel more than than food and water. It’s a great shame that more political leaders in the West don’t have this in-depth knowledge of the problems facing us.

Benjamin Netanyahu interviewed by Sky News in 2009

3 thoughts on “Bibi Netanyahu: “A new Islamic Hitlerism is threatening the West”

  1. Why is he introduced as the ‘former’ Prime Minister? Did I miss something?
    I agree – He is definitely a gift of God. If all leaders would take their q’s from him, we’d be fine. I believe that God certainly has His hand on this man. I almost wrote him in on our ballot for president.

    • I stand corrected – I see that this interview was made between his terms of service as PM, not during. At any rate, He is Israel’s blessing, I believe. I wish I wan an Israeli.

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