Gaza ‘Corpses’ Caught Moving When They Forget Cameras Are On Them

Pamela Geller sees dead Gazans… moving.

These “Palestinian” terrorists are amazing people. They have nine lives; they are supernatural (or just liars?). How many times have they been “killed” just to pop up again a few days later, or even as quickly as a few video frames later? We’ve lost count of all these alleged victims who not only die and pop back to life, but who also seem to die over and over again at different locations, in different war-zones, in different bodies and years apart. Wouldn’t it be great if some libtard foreign journalist could be present and just beat the dead corpses with a stick or a sword?

The “prophet” of Islam never performed any miracles in his life. It must therefore be a miracle of Allah.

Let’s see what explanations Muslims can muster to this footage. We’ve heard it all. Bet the word ‘zionist’ will come to the forefront once more.

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