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Syrian Actress Amal ‘Arafa: Hatred of Israel Is in Our Genes and Blood

[TRANSCRIPT] Following is an interview with Syrian actress Amal ‘Arafa, which aired on Al-Hiwar TV on October 4, 2008: Interviewer: If political circumstances change, what will happen? Amal ‘Arafa: Policies may change, but there is something that is already in my genes. We’ve been brought up to hate Israel. It’s in our genes. If Arab … Continue reading

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From Islamic Eschatology to Annihilationist Muslim Jew Hatred

Part 3 focuses on the Antisemitic motifs in Islamic eschatology and how they have become enmeshed with the “corporeal” Antisemitism from Islam’s foundational texts to engender a contemporary atmosphere of genocidal Muslim Jew hatred. This third and final installment also … ___________________ Read Part 1 Read Part 2 ___________________ By Andrew G. Bostom / Part … Continue reading

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German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle pledged 1.5 million euros to Gaza

Absolute insanity to give funding to a people who desperately want money to buy more weapons and kill other people. Palestinains don’t care about their own people. Not one bit. A creed that train it’s own women and children to be suicide bombers cannot be made into victims who need funding. If Germany or anyone … Continue reading

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Palestinian’s crowd into Israel-Gaza border no-go zones after ceasefire. One man is shot.

The aggressor is playing the victim again. To protect its borders from terrorist infiltration Israel has assigned specific no-go zones between Gaza and Israel. Well, guess who refuses to accept these rules and are flooding into these no-go zones in growing numbers after the ceasefire? Let’s just say it isn’t Israelis. There exist no desire … Continue reading