Video: “Palestinians” are asked where they originate from – hear the hesitant answers

“There is no such thing as Palestine in history, absolutely not.”
— Arab Princeton Professor, Philip Hitti, before the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry in Jerusalem in 1946.

“Far from being persecuted the Arabs have crowded into the country (Israel) and multiplied.”
— Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, 1939.

“Brothers, half of the Palestinians are Eyptians and the other half are Saudis. Who are the Palestinians? Egyptian! They may be from Alexandria, from Cairo, from Dumietta, from the North, from Aswan, from Upper Egypt. We are Egyptians. We are Arabs.”
— Hamas Minister of the Interior and of National Security Fathi Hammad, Al-Hekma TV (Egypt), March 23, 2012


Palestinians are being asked a question where they originate from. Interesting how many of them struggle to answer this simple question and basically have to think long and hard to really know where they originate from.

Would you struggle to explain where your family and grandparents came from? Especially if you claimed to have lived in a region for many centuries?

An invented people will of course be in doubt. Muslims who have exposed the Palestinian lie say that Arabs who have been asked to join the Palestinian jihad are told to tear up their passports from their home countries, and hence-forth pretend they are Palestinian and have always originated from Palestine.

Let’s not forget that the Palestinian argument is that they have all lived in Palestine for hundreds of years. Many pro-Palestinian in the West falsely argue that there was over 1 million Palestinians on the British Mandate in the early part of 1900. This is simply not true. And it is not difficult to prove it wrong. Population numbers and projection cannot lie. Palestinian population is growing at 6 children per woman. At 1 million population they would have multiplied to massive numbers today. Anyone can research British archives for reports to and from the British government as to the events that took place in the region. They can also research the British government census records from late 1800’s onwards and see that there was barely any Palestinian presence in the region at all. The Jewish and Christian population was greater.

Palestine was occupied by Arabs from neighboring regions with the largest percentage coming from Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The invaders from Egypt got cornered into Gaza as the Jewish people fought the invasion. The Saudi invaders got clustered into the West Bank. The fact that these two groups of invading forces got clustered at their point of entry should tell us a lot. Had they lived in the British Mandate for “hundreds of years” as they claim and lost land to a foreign people, their presence would have been felt all over Israel, like the Christian population.

Anyone can research the truth to the statement that some 90% of “Palestinians” come from other parts of Arabia and had no presence there at all. It’s not even clear whether those who were there were even local as the area had basically Arab merchants and herders pass through the region, not live there. They all came from existing home countries and had passports and families living there. Unlike the Jewish people they were never stateless. They joined a mass exodus from their original home countries as jihadis to invade and occupy the British Mandate to rid the area of any ‘kuffars’.

When the British Mandate removed Turkish Ottoman occupiers, the population of Jews, Christians and Arabs was very small. The land was basically barren. Parts of the land had landowners from the Ottoman rule who were from Libya – not Palestine. They sold their barren land to new jewish settlers when the land was handed back to them by the British government.

During the course of the Jihad that Arabs forced onto Israel there has now been three generations born in the region. But they d id not originate from Palestine but are born to illegal occupiers.

A simple question brings so many doubts and many different answers:

1. The first one, Mozi (from Jerusalem living in USA), appears to have claimed to be a “Palestinian” refugee before the interview started but then admit that his family doesn’t actually originate from Palestine at all. He claims his father was from Jordan and mother came from Qalqilya – in the West Bank.  With a little more probing he says his family claims they originate from Egypt, which fits his features that look more Egyptian. In spite of these lies he acquired “refugee” status in the U.S. There is no reason to give Jordanian residents refugee status in the West at all.

The fact that his father lived in (note: live in, not born in) Jordan makes it clear that his father was a jihadi occupier since Jordan was divided from the British Mandate assigned within the Israel borders and given to the occupiers to stop them from their jihad. By handing them Jordan they could no longer argue that they “lost land”. They had plenty of land – and even far more so than Israel since Jordan is almost 3 times bigger than Israel.

2. The second one, Muhammad (Nablus), says his entire family came with Salah al Din (Saladin), the Syrian Sultanate,  and admits that his family originates from Kurdish Iraq. And again he displays the shifty eye-contact. So once more, no Palestinian.

3. A third one, Karim (Bethlehem), claims he comes from “Nahilin village” which again is occupied territory and part of Hebron, where invading Arabs from West of Israel ended when they were stopped from illegally entering further into Israel.  When the interviewer asks him how long back his family originates from Nahili he says “many, many years ago” and on further clarification says “about 100”. Well, 100 years is nowhere near hundreds of years. And he has no idea where his ancestors come from beyond that. So again, the third one is no more authentic Palestinian than the first two.

4. A fourth one, Ibrahim (Tel Aviv), says he was born in Jerusalem. This could be true since there are around three generations of children to illegal Jihadi occupiers now born in the region. But it gets a bit shady after that. He then claims his entire family was born in Jerusalem but when asked for how many generations his family was born in Jerusalem he claims all his ancestors were born in Jerusalem –  and then changes it to them coming from Hebron (West Bank) and not Jerusalem. He then says ‘everyone came in 1948’. So once more, we don’t find an actual authentic Palestinian but the son of an illegal occupier fighting a Holy War.

5. A fifth one claims his grandfather, Mohammed (Nablus) – who is wearing Saudi Arabian headgear and what looks like a Thoba and even has Saudi features – originates from Haifa. Haifa is close to the border of Beirut, interestingly enough. Saudi’s and Egyptians were the main illegal jihadi occupiers of Israel during Ottoman Nazi ally Amin al-Husseini’s initiated Jihad against the Jews. Mohammed claims his family are all from Palestine. Doubtful.

6. A sixth one, Ammar (Betlehem), says he and his parents are from Jerusalem but in 100 years ago or less they came from Tulkarem in Hebron which is the West bank. He then says his grand-grand father was from Tulkarem in “North Palestine”. He then says “they came and they lived there”. Came from where? So they were not actually from there at all? He claims they had found his ancestry of only 1o0 years “from a book”. If you have lived in a country for hundreds of generations, why would you need to find a mere 100 year history in some obscure, unconfirmed book? Both statements basically tell us that his family was not from Palestine but were illegal occupiers from neighboring Arab countries located West of Israel – most likely from Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia or Lebanon. West Bank is where occupiers crowded into and were pushed back into as they forced their way into the country.

7. A seventh one, a young man says he is from Jaffa and his family is from Jaffa. This may be accurate since three generations to illegal occupiers have now been born in Israel. A small percentage of Ottomans and Arabs lived on the British Mandate, but their numbers were very small.


8 thoughts on “Video: “Palestinians” are asked where they originate from – hear the hesitant answers

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  2. A couple of times you say from West of Israel when you mean from East of Israel. There are no Arab countries West of Israel!

    • What planet are you on? Egypt, Libya, Tunisia – just to mention a few are Arab countries West of Israel. On the other direction you of course have Jordan (which was originally part of Israel until 1921), Saudi Arabia, Iraq and so forth.

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