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Hamas Video: Palestinian Child Soldiers for Allah

Like most children, Palestinian children see their parents as role models. So what message can a young child take from his father, member of a Hamas “special unit”, who was killed when the bomb he was preparing exploded in his hands? Hamas child soldier. A new Hamas clip features the son of the dead Palestinian … Continue reading

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(Mobile video) Hamas executes family members at a wedding party

Taliban and Hamas = same ideology. Watch how Hamas, the military police of Palestine, interrupts a wedding party in Gaza because they don’t approve of music, dancing and singing. Hamas then proceed to execute the groom and the family members in a completely unprovoked execution of an innocent Arab family (Muslims). Hamas (حماس‎ Ḥamās) is … Continue reading

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Video of Hamas members dragging the executed Arabs through Gaza

The video footage from a mobile phone of Hamas members dragging six Arab (Muslim) men through the streets of Gaza for assumed ‘spy’ activities. No trial, no evidence, no justice. Just drag them and kill them based on sheer medieval imagination. Shouldn’t all the pro-Palestinian supporters gather and celebrate the target of their support?   … Continue reading

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Every creed have their Village Fools: Jews initiate a Pro-Palestine protest in the U.S.

You got to be either 1) clueless, 2) completely naive, 3) uneducated, 4) mad, to support terrorists and pretend that they victims of a conflict they never want to end. There are even Jews in this protest! Can people see how insane this is? It is like Jews opposing the closure of the gas chambers … Continue reading

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Suspicion: Arab youths set up “Jew stabbing cell”

Arrest of 17-year-old east Jerusalem resident suspected of stabbing Abraham Tau two weeks exposes terror cell Noam (Dabul) Dvir Two youths from east Jerusalem, aged 15 and 17, were recently arrested on suspicion of stabbing Abraham Tau two weeks ago in the Ras al-Amud neighborhood in Jerusalem. Two additional suspects, aged 13 and 14, are … Continue reading