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Hamas Cleric Wael Al-Zarad: “Jews Must Be Annihilated Because They Tried To Kill The Prophet”

Hamas Cleric Wael Al-Zarad Calls for the Annihilation of Jews and States: If Each Arab Spat on the Jews, They Would Drown in Arab Spit Following are excerpts from a TV program featuring Palestinian cleric Wael Al-Zarad, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV on February 28, 2008. If the Muslims remove the youtube clip, you can … Continue reading


Amin Al-Husseini: The founder of Palestinian Jihad and the aggravator behind the Holocaust

The media are up in arms about Netanyahu’s claim that the Nazi genocide originates with the Palestinian jihad founder, Amin al-Husseini. But these statements are true, even according to the Nazi’s themselves. The public cannot imagine that the Muslim jihad occupation that is taking place not only in Israel, but in Burma, in Thailand, in … Continue reading


President Mahmoud Abbas lies and claims Israel “executed” 13-yr old knife attacker who is alive

Of course the Palestinian side lies. Their entire jihad is built on lies. Taqqiyya is a constant make-up in the Muslim psychology. Isn’t it quite revealing that none of the so called “Palestinian” leaders actually originated from Palestine? Hitler ally Amin al-Husseini, originated from Syria, and was the founder of the jihad in his drive … Continue reading


Palestinian Authority President Awards Medals To Terrorists

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud ‘Abbas Awards Medals Of Honor To Fatah Terrorists Ahead of Palestinian Prisoners Day, which is marked on April 17, Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud ‘Abbas decided to award medals to the first female Fatah member imprisoned by Israel, Fatima Bernawi, the first male Fatah member imprisoned, Mahmoud Bakr Hijazi, and the … Continue reading


Jerusalem in Photos from 1862: No mosques, no Palestinians – only ghost towns of massacred Christian areas

A new photographic exhibition in London follows the journey taken by England’s Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) in 1862, as he undertook a four month tour around the Middle East. And as usual, no sign of mosques or active Palestinian presence as the decades old argument from the Palestinian side to keep up … Continue reading


Video: Moroccan poet and activist: “Jews have the right to their own land. Arabs want a state at the expense of other nationalities’

In an interview with the Moroccan radio station Medradio, Amazigh poet and activist Malika Mazan defended Zionism, claiming that like any other nation, the Jews have the right to establish their homeland. Later in the interview, which was posted on the Internet on September 19 in video form, Mazan explained posts on her Facebook page … Continue reading


1915-1916 British Gov Archives Reveal Saudi Plan for a Caliphate in the British Mandate

Emir Faisal’s party at Versailles, during the Paris Peace Conference of 1919. At the centre, from left to right: Rustum Haidar, Nuri as-Said, Prince Faisal, Captain Pisani (behind Faisal) T. E. Lawrence, Faisal’s assistant (name unknown), Captain Tahsin Qadri.   The Muslim jihad against Israel started with the demands of an Islamic caliphate already during … Continue reading


Video: “Palestinians” are asked where they originate from – hear the hesitant answers

“There is no such thing as Palestine in history, absolutely not.” — Arab Princeton Professor, Philip Hitti, before the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry in Jerusalem in 1946. “Far from being persecuted the Arabs have crowded into the country (Israel) and multiplied.” — Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, 1939. “Brothers, half of the Palestinians are … Continue reading

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Video: What is Palestine? Who are the Palestinians?

Palestinians are a jihad movement created out of political reasons, and motivated by a 1,400 year religious Islamic racist war that seeks to exterminate Jewish people. There are two main extreme and racially related conflicts that keep flaring up as an endless source of militant attacks by Muslims through history: The Sunni-Shia division where Sunni’s … Continue reading


Video: Hamas: ‘the sound of bombs and missiles exploding for the sake of Allah is music to our ears’

They are so peaceful these “Palestinians” that if you cannot negotiate peace with them, there must be something wrong with you, not with them. In fact, they are so peaceful they think bullets and bombs are music to their ears and their children consider jihad the most ‘beautiful’ thing any Muslim can engage in. That’s … Continue reading