MSNBC apologizes for embarrassing and false “Palestinian losses of land” map

The Muslim Issue

MSNBC (has to) apologizes for using a wrong Palestinian propaganda map during their broadcast. However, why do they never mention that the origin of the Muslim occupation was jihad and the establishment of a (Saudi) caliphate? Why do they NEVER mention that the so called “Palestinians” do not come from “Palestine” at all, but illegally mass migrated (hijrah for jihad) after the Israeli borders were already drawn to fill the land and force the jews out, or kill them. During that mass migration period, the British were so concerned for the safety of the jews that they did not allow anymore jewish people to relocate to Israel. Thus, the maps of a Muslim ‘majority’ are of recent and illegal mass migrants.

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2 thoughts on “MSNBC apologizes for embarrassing and false “Palestinian losses of land” map

  1. It would be better if you also had the proper map that shows Israel being all of the Mandate Palestine, losing jordan, losing Gaza & the W Bank, taking & then giving back Sinai. Otherwise, the fake map is the only one showing. It would also be good to have another map showing the Arabs 22 countries with tiny Israel in the middle.

    I though the British didn’t allow more Jews to Israel because the British were pandering to the Arabs. Sort of like coward liberal governments today let Islm r.ape their women & takeover bit by bit.

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