Video: Moroccan poet and activist: “Jews have the right to their own land. Arabs want a state at the expense of other nationalities’

In an interview with the Moroccan radio station Medradio, Amazigh poet and activist Malika Mazan defended Zionism, claiming that like any other nation, the Jews have the right to establish their homeland.

Later in the interview, which was posted on the Internet on September 19 in video form, Mazan explained posts on her Facebook page in which she had declared that she was countering the practice of “sex Jihad” attributed to Jihadists fighting in Syria by offering her sex services to members of the Kurdish army fighting ISIS. This was a symbolic act of solidarity, a metaphor, Mazan explained.

Partial Transcript

The Jews wanted something to unite them on their own land. They initiated several political and economic activities, having lived in a diaspora, and suffered from racism, massacres, and the gas chambers of the Nazis. They believed that it was their right.

Perhaps Nazism presented a historical opportunity for them to awaken, and think of a way to return to their land, instead of being dispersed worldwide. They wanted to rectify the historical mistake…

Zionism means that the Jews want to establish their own state. It’s their right. We never heard that the (ancient) Jews lived in Alaska or in Australia. History and all religions and cultures admit that the Jews lived (in Palestine).

Zionism is the establishment of a Jewish homeland, which is the right of any nation. You cannot expect them to establish their homeland on the moon. They have the right to return to their homeland.

What do the Arabs want?

They want to establish an Arab homeland, but not on the territory acknowledged as theirs by history and geography. No, sir. They want their homeland to be at the expense of the land and the very existence of others.

In that sense, the Arabs are more what they call “Zioinst” than the Jews. If the Arabs have any self-respect, they should stick to their own borders. They should stay within the Arabian Peninsula – in the Hijaz, to be precise. The Arabs can continue to dream that they are the supreme race. – The Arabs consider themselves to be thr Chosen People. – Dear God…

The Arabs, in their audacity, transgressed their borders, and they want an Arab state at the expense of other nationalities, and of the right of others to exist and live in dignity, liberty, and independence. Is it the Zionists who are hostile to the Arabs, or is it the Arabs who are hostile to all the free people?

… They use religion to get little girls in order to satisfy their urges. If you really perform jihad for the sale of Allah, you should respect your manliness and your religion, rather than use it as an opportunity to get little girls.



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