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BBC’s Palestine propaganda shows a man injured and hit by ‘Israeli attack’ – walking away moments later scratching his balls!

BBC should be reported for propaganda. Watch how Palestine operates in their PR machinery to gain sympathy for their terrorist activities. Watch the clip at 2:11 and the man in the beige colored jacket being carried away. He is playing the role of a “Gaza civilian” — a victim of alleged Israeli attacks on civilians. … Continue reading

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The Hamas Covenant: “Peace initiatives are in contradiction to the principles of the Islamic Movement”

The Israel-Palestine conflict has only one origin, only one purpose and one goal: The Islamic genocide of all Jews, as ordained by Mohammed. It doesn’t matter if they live in Israel or anywhere else. This promise is a Muslim ideology that has to be made by all Muslims. and which Jews are victims of. Peace … Continue reading

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An Arab View Of The Conflict

An Arab View… by Khaled Abu Toameh November 19, 2012 at 5:00 am This hostility is the direct result of years of anti-Israel and anti-Western incitement in the Arab and Muslim world — not only toward Israel but also toward the United States. In today’s world of the Palestinians, anyone who talks about peace with … Continue reading