The Israeli Loss of Land During Muslim Jihad Occupation

What is happening today in Israel is nothing different than what is happening with ISIS occupation in Syria. The “Palestinian” Jihad was founded on the exact same principles – an illegal mass flood of muslim peoples flooding in from Egypt and Saudi Arabia occupying the country, who began to commit lone-wolf jihad on native Jewish people and on new settlers over the demands for a totalitarian caliphate. This demands for converting Israel into a Sunni caliphate originates from Saudi Arabia and the Wahhabi ideology with The Great Arab Revolt (Jihad).

The Great Arab Revolt started on 5 June 1916 from Medina and pushed northwards until the fighting reached Transjordan in the Battle of Aqaba on 6 July 1917 in response to the British plans to return a Jewish homeland to the displaced Jewish people – whoms struggles for survival began with prophet Mohammed’s attack on Medina (the Jewish city of Yatrib). From then onwards the Islamic command to kill jews was made active and continues to exist in full force even to this day.

The Saudis [there was no actual country called Saudi Arabia at the time] were fully opposed to Ottoman presence in the Arabian peninsula, considering the Ottoman’s to be kafirs, or infidels. They were therefore eager and willing for the British to battle and remove the Ottoman occupation of the region.


By 1918, the revolt—with the Allies support—successfully gained control of most of the territories of the Hejaz and the Levant, including Damascus.

In 1917 with the final signed Belfour Declaration Israel’s borders included Jordan. Due to the relentless Saudi initiated Jihad Hijrah (illegal mass migration for the purpose of Jihad) The Emirate of Transjordan (today’s Jordan) was created in 11 April 1921 with the assumptions that they would stop the relentless aggressions and warring. Abdullah I bin al-Hussein was assigned as the first “King” of Jordan. But the muslims did not stop, nor did they leave the Jewish people in peace. They continue to pour in and try to occupy the rest of Israel.

A two-state solution is constantly being discussed in political debates. But it’s a failure. A two-state solution was already created in 1921 when Jordan was split from Israel, causing a 70%+ loss of land to Israel, to meet the demands of the illegal flood of people who demanded ownership of a land. While Israel’s borders became smaller, the killings and islamic jihad did not slow down or end. And it will never end unless the islamic laws and texts are banned, which is the main foundation for the muslim terrorism we see around the world today.

Whenever anyone aids the “Palestinian cause”, they inadvertedly aid and support terrorism.


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