Spain to grant citizenship to Sephardi Jews


Important update: 27/11/2012 The Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain has placed the following announcement on its website: The new legislation [for Sephardi Jews interested in Spanish citizenship] has not yet been developed by the Ministry of Justice of Spain. As soon as the Federation of Jewish Communities in Spain has more information we will post all the details.

Spain is about to repay a 500-year debt by granting citizenship to the descendents of Sephardi Jews expelled from the country at the end of the fifteenth century.

In an act of belated justice, any Jew who can prove links to Spain either through languageor culture, or by having their origins certified by Spain’s Jewish federation, the Federación de Comunidades Judías de España, will now automatically have the right to Spanish citizenship.

The move – made possible under article 21 of Spain’s civil code which allows the country’s justice…

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