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(Documentary) HAMAS: Behind the Mask

Mother of teenage Palestinian suicide bomber: “…by Allah it is a blessing [to kill for Allah]. No one should blame us [for killing Israeli women, children and civilians]. These are war necessities”

Ok, so murders and aggression committed by Palestinian suicide bombers killing civilians are ‘war necessities’? Then why are not Israel’s launched defense attacks war necessities? Palestine always accuse their security and defense measures as unacceptable killing and aggression. Can anyone hear the depth of the hypocrisy? All is fair game for Palestinians with no blame whatsoever. But voe if Israel kill a single Palestinian in defense.


Hamas is one of the world’s most secretive and controversial organizations. Its charter calls for the destruction of the state of Israel. ‘There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad.’

Hamas regards the territory of Israel, the Gaza strip and the West Bank as an inalienable Waqf (Islamic bequest), which can never be surrendered to non-Muslims. Hamas has been listed as a terrorist organization by most western powers. Yet despite this Hamas has grown in strength and popular support amongst Palestinians. This documentary investigates the men and women behind the mask.

This video focus on the Hamas viewpoint and what their mindset is. It doesn’t cover much of Israel’s lifetime of security to protect themselves against a militant aggressor. The Palestinians of course, only view themselves as victims. They never see what an outsider sees, that they are aggressors. They don’t admit that they initiate nearly all attacks and were the original occupiers in the region, and not even legal residents.

The program does not cover that Jordan was and is Palestinian land and Palestinians had all options to move to Jordan. It also doesn’t mention that the “palestinians” were illegal Arab settlers who had crowded into the area from Arab nations to commit intifada. It doesn’t mention that the current Palestinians are a very young creation in Middle Eastern history and have no association with the Philistines of historic Palestine.

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    (They don’t admit that they initiate nearly all attacks and were the original occupiers in the region, and not even legal residents.) Is that ‘…and were NOT the original occupiers…’ Thanks.

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