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Pre-Islamic Iran: Persian King Shah Yazdgird’s letter to Mohammed’s evil successor: “Stay in your desert with your ‘Allah-u-Akbar’ “

Before Islam, Iran was Persia (ایران‎: جمهوری اسلامی ایران‎, ایران). Persia had existed as an empire and a fountain of civilization and culture for more than a thousand years. On the eve of the Arab Muslim invasion in 637 AD, the religion of Persia was Zoroastrianism. Zoroastrianism is a monotheistic faith that rose in Persia at about the same time that Judaism developed in the Levant, and it had a profound influence on the three Abrahamic religions as well as the religions of the East.

After Persia’s fall to Islam, Zoroastrians were relegated to dhimmi status. Today they number less than 200,000 worldwide, the largest community being India where refugees from Iran found some tolerance. In Iran itself about 22,000 Zoroastrians remain, or less than 0.1% of the population.

Before Islam, Iraq was called Assyria. Prior to the Arab Muslim conquest, the majority of its inhabitants were Assyrian Christians. By the dawn of the 20th century, dhimmi laws, persecutions and conversions had reduced their numbers to about 5% of the Iraqi population. On the eve of the US-led invasion in 2003, they had dropped to 1%. A lot of noise has been made about the plight of Iraqi refugees since 2003. What is less widely known is that Assyrian Christians make up 40% of the 1 million refugees that have left Iraq, despite making up less than 1% of the population. These refugees represents 2/3 of the pre-war Christian population.

The removal of the tyrant Saddam Hussein allowed the Sunni and Shia Muslims to revert to the customary persecution of their Christian neighbors. Frivolous events such as the Danish Muhammad cartoons have had very real repercussions for Iraq’s dwindling Christian community, in the form of bombings and murders. Seven churches were bombed in January 2006, in retaliation for the dreaded cartoons of blasphemy. Since the start of the war at least 46 Churches and Monasteries have been bombed.

The Iranians, or Persians were one of the first peoples to come under the Islamic boot. Around 636AD, Mohammed’s 2nd successor, Caliph Umar, dealt the Persian Sassanid Empire a humiliating defeat at the Battle of Qasadiyyah on the banks of the Euphrates River. In the aftermath of the battle he sent the following letter to Shah Yazdgird III, Emperor of Persia:

“I do not foresee a good future for you and your nation save your acceptance of my terms and your submission to me. There was a time when your country ruled half the world, but now see how your sun has set. On all fronts your armies have been defeated and your nation is condemned to extinction. I point out to you the path whereby you might escape this fate. Namely, that you begin worshipping the one god, the unique deity, the only god who created all that is. I bring you his message.

Order your nation to cease the false worship of fire and to join us, that they may join the truth.Worship Allah the creator of the world. Worship Allah and accept Islam as the path of salvation. End now your polytheistic ways and become Muslims that you may accept Allah-u-Akbar as your savior. This is the only way of securing your own survival and the peace of your Persians. You will do this if you know what is good for you and for your Persians. Submission is your only option. Allah u Akbar.” (Caliph Umar)

Yazdgird’s response is one of the most eloquent rebuttals of Islamic aggression in all of history. Keep in mind this was almost 1400 years ago, the 7th century AD. Islam was a brand new upstart, but thousands of years of Persian civilization and 300 years of the Sassanid empire were about to be crushed by it’s zealous warriors.

“In the name of Ahuramazda, the Creator of Life and Wisdom.

In your letter you summon us Persians to your god whom you call “Allah-u-Akbar”; and because of your barbarity and ignorance, without knowing who we are and Whom we worship, you demand that we seek out your god and become worshipers of “Allah-u-Akbar”.

How strange that you occupy the seat of the Arab Caliph but are as ignorant as any desert roaming Arab! You admonish me to become monotheistic in faith. Ignorant man, for thousands of years we Persians have, in this land of culture and art, been monotheistic and five times a day have we offered prayers to God’s Throne of Oneness. While we laid the foundations of philanthropy and righteousness and kindness in this world and held high the ensign of “Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds”, you and your ancestors were desert wanderers who ate snakes and lizards and buried your innocent daughters alive.

You Arabs who have no regard for God’s creatures, who mercilessly put people to the sword, who mistreat your women, who attack caravans and are highway robbers, who commit murder, who kidnap women and spouses; how dare you presume to teach us, who are above these evils, to worship God?

You tell me to cease the worship of fire and to worship God instead! To us Persians the light of Fire is reminiscent of the Light of God. The radiance and the sun-like warmth of fire exuberates our hearts, and the pleasant warmth of it brings our hearts and spirits closer together, that we may be philanthropic, kind and considerate, that gentleness and forgiveness may become our way of life, and that thereby the Light of God may keep shining in our hearts.
Our God is the Great Ahuramazda. Strange is this that you too have now decided to give Him a name, and you call Him by the name of “Allah-u-Akbar”.

But we are nothing like you. We, in the name of Ahuramazda, practice compassion and love and goodness and righteousness and forgiveness, and care for the dispossessed and the unfortunate; But you, in the name of your “Allah-u-Akbar” commit murder, create misery and subject others to suffering! Tell me truly who is to blame for your misdeeds? Your god who orders genocide, plunder and destruction, or you who do these things in his name? Or both?

You, who have spent all your days in brutality and barbarity, have now come out of your desolate deserts resolved to teach, by the blade and by conquest, the worship of God to a people who have for thousands of years been civilized and have relied on culture and knowledge and art as mighty edifices.

What have you, in the name of your “Allah-u-Akbar”, taught these armies of Islam besides destruction and pillage and murder that you now presume to summon others to your god?

Today, my people’s fortunes have changed. Their armies, who were subjects of Ahuramazada, have now been defeated by the Arab armies of “Allah-u-Akbar”. And they are being forced, at the point of the sword, to convert to the god by the name of “Allah-u-Akbar”. And are forced to offer him prayers five times a day but now in Arabic; since apparently your “Allah-u-Akbar” only understands Arabic.

I advise you to return to your lizard infested deserts. Do not let loose upon our cities your cruel barbarous Arabs who are like rabid animals. Refrain from the murder of my people. Refrain from pillaging my people. Refrain from kidnapping our daughters in the name of your “Allah-u-Akbar”. Refrain from these crimes and evils.

We Iranians are a forgiving people, a kind and well-meaning people. Wherever we go, we sow the seeds of goodness, amity and righteousness. And this is why we have the capacity to overlook the crimes and the misdeeds of your Arabs.

Stay in your desert with your “Allah-u-Akbar”, and do not approach our cities; for horrid is your belief and brutish is your conduct.” (Shah Yazdgird III, Emperor of Persia)

Within 15 years Persia was utterly defeated and Shah Yazdgird was forced into exile. He was killed by a common thief in 651AD. By the 10th century the Persian’s Zoroastrian religion had been eclipsed, as the majority had converted to Islam. Since 1979, Iran has been governed by Islamic Shariah law, and ruled by Shi’ite Muslim religious clerics. Now its current president openly embraces the Islamic version of Armageddon as the only salvation for the world, and it’s former president says it would be worth it for the Muslim world to be gravely wounded, as long as they can wipe out all the Jews. Today this regime is on the verge of possessing a nuclear arsenal, and the means to deliver atomic devastation to the entire Middle East and much of Europe.

Letters written in the name of Islam are not simple correspondence between monarchs and clerics. In reality, letters written in the name of Islam have changed our world.


Further reading on Iran and the native Zoroastrians:


44 thoughts on “Pre-Islamic Iran: Persian King Shah Yazdgird’s letter to Mohammed’s evil successor: “Stay in your desert with your ‘Allah-u-Akbar’ “

  1. “This is what Cyrus king of Persia says: “‘The LORD, the God of heaven, has given me all the kingdoms of the earth and he has appointed me to build a temple for him at Jerusalem in Judah. Any of his people among you may go up, and may the LORD their God be with them.’”
    ~ 2 Chronicles 36

    • It’s tragic what has happened to the Persian people. Enslaved to a hate ideology, they themselves are now educating their own children to hate.

      • If only the Jews had not been dispersed so, then perhaps they could have helped the Iranians crush the Arabs before their Caliphate could expand

      • well as ignorants you are west has forgotten their dark age and barbarians barbarian used to be in west in dark age… sorry to say you truly mis guided on satanic path

  2. The letter to Umar was made up by ultra nationalistic Iranians. There is no historical source of this letter.

    Once again people try to demonize Muslims and Islam as religion.
    Read about the great men in early Islam, and understand what real Islam means.
    Anti-Islam fanatics make these frauds all the time.
    So try always to get a trusted source.

    • Are you an Iranian defending Islam? Do you know how much Arabs loathe and despise your people? Honestly, man, get real

      • There’s no Library of Alexandria contents left after Islam burned it either. In Islam, lack of proof is created when they burn all the religious and government and art documents. Then they will say “There is no historical source of this letter”.

      • The Real Library of Alexandria had been under the Oceans for 1000s of years for that time

        The Remnants of fragments library of Alexandria had long since been Sacked before by Christians under the Roman Empire. Anything of Value was long gone by that.

        You should learn you history.

      • When the Romans conquer a city, much of the relics and other treasures are brought back to Rome. The Romans liked the Greek civilization so much, they adopted the Greek gods as Roman gods and translated much of the Greek works into Latin. They didn’t destroy them, as Beware would claim.

        In order to cover up Islam’s crimes against humanity, Beware has to prove that Islamic conquests preserve knowledge contrary or outside the Koran. Except there is too much historical and modern day evidence that proves Islamic conquests do not “preserve” anything. If Roman or Christian conquests truly did destroy the entire Library of Alexandria, then where did the Renaissance medieval thinkers get their ancient Greek works from?

        The popular pro Islamic answer would be “The Golden Age of Islam preserved it for the West”. The Islamic historical answer would be “Western monks preserved it after Islamic pirates cut off access to Egyptian papyrus”.

        History is not something “you learn”, beware. It’s something those in power insert into you to use to control you, or perhaps you already know that.

      • You’re right, Arabs “despise” Persians, that’s why Salman Al Farisi loved Muhammad, and that’s why Maytham Al Tammar died for Ali. First knowthe difference between Islam, namely Shia and Sunni, then comment.

    • You seem to have mental problems, Iran is the strongest country in the Middle East right now, due to the ideology of Islam, not because of worshiping fire. just Imagine during Iran Iraq war, the WHOlE world vs Iran,and not an inch of Iran was divided.
      Islam is what made Iran strong, that is Shia, not sunni’s.

      • Lol the Iran-Iraq war was dreadful for Iran. It resulted in a lost generation and all for what? Also Israel is the strongest country in the middle east right now, if Iran was the strongest Israel would have been wiped off the planet a long time ago by Muslims, in fact they tried many times but Israel has proven them wrong. It’s funny because Iran has been a backwards shithole since the fall of the sassanids. They’ve been ruled by Arabs and turks like Ismail and Nader shah and have become as much. I just wish they would stop trying to steal zoroastrian history(ancient iran) and would just stick to their death cult.

      • great post admin, iranians never forgive. saudis talk about doing the same things again, we know. they can ask for help from others trying. they dont have the power they had before. one thing we learned in history, you never stay at top. welcome to the club mfers

      • iran is the only country which stood up against terrorists in iraq and syria, i think the rest of the world is in sleep not persia

      • You mean Iran’s Hezbollah is any different than terrorism? Don’t fool yourself that Hezbollah cares about terrorism. They just care about battling Sunni’s and get a closer position to Israel, while they themselves are terrorists.

  3. The God of Heaven sees and will reward every evil done to His creation by anyone. They who live by the sword die by the sword. Watch the death of every jihadist. They all end the same way. You cannot practice violence and hope to live in peace. You reap what you sow. Jesus is Lord and every knee will bow to Him.

      • Admin is an ignorant person who doesnt knw about religion has hatred…. ignorant thoughts probably a hypocrite an extremist

      • All I see are a bunch of Muslims saying it’s false as their religion is too peaceful and is accepted by everyone. Literally every religion would say otherwise however. If only we could get rid of Islamic bias then perhaps we would know the true atrocities committed by them.

  4. Islam is not hatred! You can’t say that just because a few people do bad things and call themselves Muslim. What about Jews? They killed 40 people when they blew up a hotel in 1946? Actually, Jews keep children in prisons because they are Palestinians. George W Bush was a Christian, but he killed 500,000 innocent Iraqis. There have been evinced Christians and Jews as well. I am a Muslim, but I no longer believe in the Shia/Sunni divide because it has killed too many people.

  5. the first mistake i spot in this post is the name of the battle when Arabs defeated the great empire of Persia. it is not Qasadiyyah . it is called Al qadisiya battle, and it is a historical victory for Arabs. I hope that you give correct information in your posts so you don’t misguide others.
    Thank you.

    • The same way Indian numerals are stolen by the Arabs and called Arab numerals. The same way Constantinople was renamed by Muslim conquering rapists, into Istanbul.

      • The Indians weren’t just the Hindus, and many Muslims focusing on mathematics were from conquered Persia.

        Historical worth from innovations isn’t about the majority, since the majority only lays claim to an invention when it becomes useful or profitable.

        The issue is which civilization, from which civilization the individual came from. Even if Islam conquered the entire Indian sub continent, the Indian invention would not be a byproduct of the Muslim civilization, religion, or hierarchy.

        The Majority of people who use microwaves, aren’t the ones who invented it nor do they understand how it works. So claiming it based on Democratic Majority rules, isn’t particularly true or useful.

  6. No doubt, Sufism was existed before the birth of Islam or Prophet Muhammad in and around Iran…. Painting, Songs and Literature have nothing to do with Islam. but, they are essential part of Sufism….! Unfortunate, Iranians later were forced to submit themselves to Arabs who were carrying Swords all the way in conquering Asia and African States. Iranians’ forgiveness and loving kindness did not bear fruit that time, but it can never be faded away. Only time can heal.

    • Bro, I see that youre an Indian, and it is very nature of the Indians to look at us Iranians as leaders and Superiors, we will always be united in our love for peace and stability. God bless India

      • Admin you are indian hmmmm try to understand this…

        Teri ma ka pudha chod k teray mu ma dalu and tera sir teray baap ki gaand ma
        daalu… sala randi ma ka bacha….gashti ki ulaad madarchod……

  7. Today most of Persian people they don’t like fucking islam. We believe that we are Zoroastrianism, and we are very proud of that.

    • I agree with this and this is not really an objective position either. Nor does it actually get made solely in the interest of anything other than to bash Islam. My persian grandmother from Bandar-e Lengeh and is Catholic but I tell people that Persians are Persian first before anything.

      The main point us supported in historic bias. This is the same exact thing that happened in “white, christian Europe”. In fact, Iran even at least has the Zoroastrian heritage etc as part of its history. Meanwhile, Christians and Jews and in Spain at least Muslims all took turns raping them of their indigenous heritage and if you try to tell one of them that, they go ballistic.

      So this doesn’t come from the right place.

  8. This page is run by a bible thumping moron page. Yeah, I agree with the Islam point but let’s not act like the Christians were any better in Europe, nor were the Jews in specific periods..

    • It’s great that you don’t like the rag heads and everything but lets not pretend the butchers and money grubbing kikes are any better for humanity.

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