9,000 Photos from 1800’s British Mandate of Palestine – with no trace of ‘Palestinians’

Where ARE all those Palestinians, the proclaimed one million of them who lived in Israel before they were ‘displaced’? Nowhere. Nowhere, because they never existed. And where are all the mosques for those “1 million Palestinians”? With Muslims comes mosques. There can be no Muslim population without a large proportion of mosques. If they had … Continue reading

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Family of Slain Hizbullah Terror Mastermind Encourages His Grandson to Follow in His Footsteps

Clueless “human rights” activists want Palestinians to stop dying in warfare. If they want to stop dying at the hands of other people – all they have to do is stop their aggression, stop warring, attacking and killing. But they don’t want that. Arabs love aggression and they admire and encourage to be martyrs and … Continue reading

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Film: Iranium (2011)

A timely and powerful documentary presenting the danger posed to the free world by a nuclear Iran. The film exposes the radical Islamic ideology guiding Iran’s leaders, and the destruction it causes. Copyright © 2012 Clarion Fund. All rights reserved. Visit for more information about the movie and details about obtaining a screening kit. Continue reading


From Al-Masara to the Wall Street Journal: A Case Report of Palestinian Fauxtography

Originally posted on iranaware:
By Allon Friedman Like all supporters of Israel, I am acutely aware of the mainstream media’s all-pervading anti-Israel bias.  I learned long ago that news reports which fairly present Israel’s version of the conflict are as rare as July snowflakes in Houston.  A recent experience of mine only reinforced these beliefs.…


Israeli Settlement Facts and Falsehoods

Originally posted on iranaware:
1. Judea and Samaria (Jewish roots) or West Bank (Arab roots)? “Judea” (יהודה) is the origin of the term “Jew” (יהודי). Its Hebrew spelling combines one of God’s names: Jehova (יהוה) and one of God’s acronyms: ד’. Judea and Samaria are the cradle of Jewish history, religion, culture, holidays, ethos, language…