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Video: What is Palestine? Who are the Palestinians?

Palestinians are a jihad movement created out of political reasons, and motivated by a 1,400 year religious Islamic racist war that seeks to exterminate Jewish people. There are two main extreme and racially related conflicts that keep flaring up as an endless source of militant attacks by Muslims through history: The Sunni-Shia division where Sunni’s … Continue reading

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Hamas Leader in Gaza Mahmoud Al-Zahhar: “Peaceful Resistance Is Not Suitable for Gaza Right Now, Because There Is No Occupation There”

Hamas Leader in Gaza Mahmoud Al-Zahhar: “Peaceful Resistance Is Not Suitable for Gaza Right Now, Because There Is No Occupation There”   Following are excerpts from an interview with Mahmoud Al-Zahhar, a Hamas leader in Gaza, which aired on Palestine Today TV on January 31, 2012:   Mahmoud Al-Zahhar: Popular resistance means marches, stone-throwing, and … Continue reading

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The Truth About Palestinian Rejectionism

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has launched an international campaign to achieve recognition by the United Nations for an independent Palestinian state. Abbas and his international supporters claim that only Israel (with the United States) stands in the way of this act of historical justice, which would finally bring about peace in the Middle East. This … Continue reading

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(Mobile video) Hamas executes family members at a wedding party

Taliban and Hamas = same ideology. Watch how Hamas, the military police of Palestine, interrupts a wedding party in Gaza because they don’t approve of music, dancing and singing. Hamas then proceed to execute the groom and the family members in a completely unprovoked execution of an innocent Arab family (Muslims). Hamas (حماس‎ Ḥamās) is … Continue reading

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Every creed have their Village Fools: Jews initiate a Pro-Palestine protest in the U.S.

You got to be either 1) clueless, 2) completely naive, 3) uneducated, 4) mad, to support terrorists and pretend that they victims of a conflict they never want to end. There are even Jews in this protest! Can people see how insane this is? It is like Jews opposing the closure of the gas chambers … Continue reading

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Palestinian’s crowd into Israel-Gaza border no-go zones after ceasefire. One man is shot.

The aggressor is playing the victim again. To protect its borders from terrorist infiltration Israel has assigned specific no-go zones between Gaza and Israel. Well, guess who refuses to accept these rules and are flooding into these no-go zones in growing numbers after the ceasefire? Let’s just say it isn’t Israelis. There exist no desire … Continue reading

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Pallywood and the pornography of death: the Western media suckered again

Richard Landes Richard Landes is an American writer and medieval historian specialising in millennialism. He is associate professor of history at Boston University and the author of several books including Heaven on Earth: The Varieties of the Millennial Experience (Oxford University Press). He has also, since turn of the millennium, become a critic of the … Continue reading

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Hamas makes a desperate PR U-turn: “Hamas leader condemned the killing of six Palestinians”

Honestly, Hamas should really reestablish themselves as marketing and PR experts. They must have discovered that international sympathy for the terrorists dropped like a rock in shallow waters once their real nature were displayed in their killing of assumed ‘spies’ – Palestinian civilians – in which none got a fair trial or were proven to … Continue reading

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BBC reporter end red faced after tweet of “heartbreaking photo of child hurt by Israeli rocket” who is actually a Syrian killed by Muslim extremists

Correspondent Jon Donnison’s tweet implied injured girl was from Gaza Apologised for the error after it was picked up on by other Twitter users By Daily Mail Reporter PUBLISHED: 10:26, 21 November 2012 | A BBC war reporter made a shocking blunder by tweeting a photograph of an injured child from Syria but indicating she … Continue reading

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Hamas Leader Mahmoud Al-Zahhar: “Our Enterprise Extends Far Beyond Palestine – to the Entire World”

. Following are excerpts from a speech delivered by Hamas Leader Mahmoud Al-Zahhar, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV on September 5, 2010. Mahmoud Al-Zahhar: Ibn Al-Kathir said that Allah sent 124,000 prophets and messengers. The Israelites – or the Jews – killed half of them. In other words, they slayed 62,000 prophets and messengers. […] … Continue reading

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Hamas Government Advisor: “Hamas was formed to eliminate the state of Israel”

Do you believe any peace resolution and negotiations can take place from a group that want to eliminate an entire people and a nation? Do you believe such self professed “victims” are open to live in peace on shared land or is it merely speech? And why would these “victims” seek to gain control of … Continue reading

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Brazen faking of images reveals Hamas’ desperation

By Paul Alster   Published November 20, 2012  | Haifa, Israel –  There is only one thing worse than the image of a child killed by military conflict, and that is the image of a child killed by military conflict having deliberately been placed in the line of fire. War is, by definition, a very … Continue reading