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Video: What is Palestine? Who are the Palestinians?

Palestinians are a jihad movement created out of political reasons, and motivated by a 1,400 year religious Islamic racist war that seeks to exterminate Jewish people. There are two main extreme and racially related conflicts that keep flaring up as an endless source of militant attacks by Muslims through history: The Sunni-Shia division where Sunni’s … Continue reading

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The root causes of the Gaza conflict in less than 6 minutes

Forget everything the mainstream media tells you about the “cycle of violence” and the “peace process.” The conflict in the Middle East boils down to one issue; the imposition of Islam upon the world. Hamas, as a Muslim Brotherhood affiliate, is perfectly open about its desire for a global Islamic caliphate. Such an enemy by … Continue reading

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(Documentary) HAMAS: Behind the Mask

Mother of teenage Palestinian suicide bomber: “…by Allah it is a blessing [to kill for Allah]. No one should blame us [for killing Israeli women, children and civilians]. These are war necessities” Ok, so murders and aggression committed by Palestinian suicide bombers killing civilians are ‘war necessities’? Then why are not Israel’s launched defense attacks … Continue reading

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Obama’s $400 Mil Funded Hamas Mass Child Wedding in Gaza With 6-9 Year Girls

450 Grooms Wed Prepubescent Girls Under Ten In Gaza HAMAS Recruitment Propaganda Tours. Social services and financial sponsorships is a common Hamas tool to recruit people and bring them into the Hamas extremist fold, pledging alliances with terrorism and martyrdom. There is one condition to be a recipient of this “help”: you must sign a … Continue reading

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Hamas Leader in Gaza Mahmoud Al-Zahhar: “Peaceful Resistance Is Not Suitable for Gaza Right Now, Because There Is No Occupation There”

Hamas Leader in Gaza Mahmoud Al-Zahhar: “Peaceful Resistance Is Not Suitable for Gaza Right Now, Because There Is No Occupation There”   Following are excerpts from an interview with Mahmoud Al-Zahhar, a Hamas leader in Gaza, which aired on Palestine Today TV on January 31, 2012:   Mahmoud Al-Zahhar: Popular resistance means marches, stone-throwing, and … Continue reading

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Hamas Video: Palestinian Child Soldiers for Allah

Like most children, Palestinian children see their parents as role models. So what message can a young child take from his father, member of a Hamas “special unit”, who was killed when the bomb he was preparing exploded in his hands? Hamas child soldier. A new Hamas clip features the son of the dead Palestinian … Continue reading

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(Mobile video) Hamas executes family members at a wedding party

Taliban and Hamas = same ideology. Watch how Hamas, the military police of Palestine, interrupts a wedding party in Gaza because they don’t approve of music, dancing and singing. Hamas then proceed to execute the groom and the family members in a completely unprovoked execution of an innocent Arab family (Muslims). Hamas (حماس‎ Ḥamās) is … Continue reading

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Video of Hamas members dragging the executed Arabs through Gaza

The video footage from a mobile phone of Hamas members dragging six Arab (Muslim) men through the streets of Gaza for assumed ‘spy’ activities. No trial, no evidence, no justice. Just drag them and kill them based on sheer medieval imagination. Shouldn’t all the pro-Palestinian supporters gather and celebrate the target of their support?   … Continue reading

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German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle pledged 1.5 million euros to Gaza

Absolute insanity to give funding to a people who desperately want money to buy more weapons and kill other people. Palestinains don’t care about their own people. Not one bit. A creed that train it’s own women and children to be suicide bombers cannot be made into victims who need funding. If Germany or anyone … Continue reading

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Palestinian’s crowd into Israel-Gaza border no-go zones after ceasefire. One man is shot.

The aggressor is playing the victim again. To protect its borders from terrorist infiltration Israel has assigned specific no-go zones between Gaza and Israel. Well, guess who refuses to accept these rules and are flooding into these no-go zones in growing numbers after the ceasefire? Let’s just say it isn’t Israelis. There exist no desire … Continue reading

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CNN’s addiction to Pallywood falsified media reporting

How Foreign Media Pander to Pallywood Pornopgraphy Promoting Victims of Palestine Rockets As Victims of ‘Israeli Attacks’ Not for the first time, the death of a Palestinian child killed in hotly disputed circumstances is being categorically blamed on Israel. Elder of Ziyon blogger was the first to catch the latest case, involving the death of … Continue reading

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Palestine celebrates alleged “victory” over Israel

The fantasies of terrorists. Did we miss something? When did this victory happen? Typical Arab delusions. Celebrating “Victory”: Palestinians celebrate what they say is a victory over Israel after an eight-day conflict in Gaza City. Israel and the Islamist Hamas movement agreed to an Egyptian-sponsored ceasefire to halt the eight-day conflict.Picture: REUTERS/Mohammed Salem Pride of … Continue reading

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Israel sent 20 letters to U.N. on Hamas rockets in 2012, before responding militarily

Published by UN Watch   – at November 20, 2012 The current bloody conflict between Israel and Hamas did not emerge in a vacuum. Israel is exercising its legitimate right to self-defense in light of repeated rocket attacks coming from Gaza. Since 1 January 2012, we were able to count 20 separate letters sent by Israel’s Mission … Continue reading