Jerusalem in Photos from 1862: No mosques, no Palestinians – only ghost towns of massacred Christian areas

A new photographic exhibition in London follows the journey taken by England’s Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) in 1862, as he undertook a four month tour around the Middle East.

And as usual, no sign of mosques or active Palestinian presence as the decades old argument from the Palestinian side to keep up the saga to fight and occupy, for the sake of jihad and foreign aid.

In the exhibition we find more photographs from Jerusalem in 1862, when the so called “palestinians” allegedly were already 1 million in population on land they profess to have “lost to Jewish occupation” a few decades later. The only problem with this argument is that, as with all photographs up to the second decade of 1900’s, there are rarely any Muslims or mosques to be found on any photographs. The only mosque – and a confiscated synagogue converted after Muslim invasion is the Temple Mount’s Dome of the Rock – and it stands empty of Muslims in ALL pictures through the 1800’s and early 1900’s, demonstrating the falsity in the Palestinian argument. There are more evidence and remains of the massacres Muslims caused on Christians, than any living signs of Muslims themselves. In comparison, other towns with a living Muslim population documented in photographs during the mid and late 1800’s always feature a lot of mosques.


Cairo to Constantinople: Early Photographs of the Middle East

The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace

Friday, 7 November 2014 to Sunday, 22 February 2015

This exhibition follows the journey taken by the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) in 1862, as he undertook a four month tour around the Middle East.

Seen through the photographs of Francis Bedford (1815-94), the first photographer to travel on a royal tour, it explores the cultural and political significance Victorian Britain attached to the region, which was then as complex and contested as it remains today.

The tour took the Prince to Egypt, Palestine and the Holy Land, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Greece where he met rulers, politicians and other notable figures, and travelled in a manner not associated with royalty – by horse and camping out in tents.

On the royal party’s return to England, Francis Bedford’s work was displayed in what was described as ‘the most important photographic exhibition that has hitherto been placed before the public’.

Cairo to Constantinople: Early Photographs of the Middle East is presented alongside Gold at The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace.

The Mount of Olives and Garden of Gethsemane

The Mount of Olives and Garden of Gethsemane [Jerusalem]

Creator: Francis Bedford (1815-94) (photographer)
Creation Date: 2 Apr 1862
Materials: Albumen print, mounted on card
Dimensions: 23.4 x 28.5 cm
RCIN 2700922
Acquirer: King Edward VII, King of the United Kingdom (1841-1910), when Albert Edward, Prince of Wales (1841-63)
Provenance: Acquired by the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII), 1862


The Mount of Olives rises to the east of Jerusalem. The walled enclosure to the right contains the site identified as the Garden of Gethsemane. After the Last Supper, Jesus went to the garden where he prayed, accompanied by St Peter, St John and St James the Greater. Jesus was subsequently betrayed by Judas in the garden and arrested.

The photograph is signed, captioned and dated (incorrectly as 2 March 1862) in the negative, ‘F Bedford Jerusalem’. The number in the Day & Son series is 63.

Hasbeiya - scene of the massacre [Syria]

Hasbeiya – scene of the massacre [Hasbaya, Lebanon]


Creator: Francis Bedford (1815-94) (photographer)
Creation Date:  26 Apr 1862
Materials:  Albumen print
Dimensions:  23.2 x 29.0 cm
RCIN  2700954
Acquirer: King Edward VII, King of the United Kingdom (1841-1910), when Albert Edward, Prince of Wales (1841-63)
Provenance: Acquired by the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII), 1862


On their route towards Damascus, the royal party stopped at some of the towns and villages close to the Lebanon-Syria border, which had seen fighting during the 1860 conflict. The first town they reached was Hasbaya. The Prince was told that between 800 and 1000 Christians were killed here by the Druze [Muslim Shia minority group].

The photograph is signed, captioned and dated in the negative, ‘F Bedford Hasbeiya’. The number in the Day & Son series is 90.

Garden of Gethsemane

Garden of Gethsemane [Jerusalem]

Creator: Francis Bedford (1815-94) (photographer)
Creation Date:  2 Apr 1862
Materials:  Albumen print, mounted on card
Dimensions:  21.1 x 29.1 cm
RCIN  2700924
Acquirer: King Edward VII, King of the United Kingdom (1841-1910), when Albert Edward, Prince of Wales (1841-63)
Provenance:  Acquired by the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII), 1862


The Garden of Gethsemane has always been identified as an olive grove. Here the carefully tended, centuries-old olive trees are easily identified.

The photograph is signed, captioned and dated (incorrectly as 2 March 1862) in the negative, ‘F Bedford Gethsemane’. The number in the Day & Son series is 68.


Rasheiya [Syria]

Rasheiya [Rashaya, Lebanon]

Creator: Francis Bedford (1815-94) (photographer)
Creation Date:  27 Apr 1862
Materials:  Albumen print
Dimensions:  23.6 x 29.0 cm
RCIN  2700955
Acquirer: King Edward VII, King of the United Kingdom (1841-1910), when Albert Edward, Prince of Wales (1841-63)
Acquired by the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII), 1862


Rashaya, a mostly Druze-inhabited town [Shia Muslim sect], was the scene of conflict in June 1860. The Prince wrote: ‘In this town, 400 to 500 Christians were massacred and we saw still the remains of the burnt houses.’ In July, the conflict spread from this area into Damascus.

The photograph is signed, captioned and dated in the negative, ‘F Bedford Rasheiya’. The number in the Day & Son series is 92.


Gateway to the Citadel, Banias, Golan

Gateway to the “Metzuda” Citadel, Banias, Golan

Creator: Francis Bedford (1815-94) (photographer)
Creation Date:  23 Apr 1862
Materials:  Albumen print
Dimensions:  23.6 x 28.0 cm
RCIN  2700951
Acquirer: King Edward VII, King of the United Kingdom (1841-1910), when Albert Edward, Prince of Wales (1841-63)
Provenance:  Acquired by the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII), 1862


View of dilapidated entrance to Citadel – part of complex of Castle of Banyas. Stream runs through ditch in foreground.

The photograph is signed, captioned and dated in the negative, ‘F Bedford Banias’. The number in the Day & Son series is 87.


Upper Bethoron

Upper Bethoron [Beit Ur al-Foqa and the Valley of Ajalon]

Creator: Francis Bedford (1815-94) (photographer)
Creation Date:  31 Mar 1862
Materials:  Albumen print, mounted on card
Dimensions:  23.1 x 29.0 cm
RCIN  2700913
Acquirer: King Edward VII, King of the United Kingdom (1841-1910), when Albert Edward, Prince of Wales (1841-63)
Provenance:  Acquired by the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII), 1862


The Royal Yacht reached Jaffa (modern-day Tel Aviv) on 29 March. The following day the royal party set out on horses in the direction of Jerusalem. En route they visited Beit Ur al-Foqa from where they could view the Valley of Ajalon, the site of a famous biblical battle, fought by Joshua, the leader of the Israelites, against the Amorite kings.

The photograph is signed, captioned and dated in the negative, ‘F Bedford Bethoron’. The number in the Day & Son series is 50.


Jerusalem from Mount of Olives

Jerusalem, From Mount of Olives

Creator: Francis Bedford (1815-94) (photographer)
Creation Date:  Mar-Apr 1862
Materials:  Albumen print, mounted on card
Dimensions:  22.7 x 29.1 cm
RCIN  2700915
Acquirer: King Edward VII, King of the United Kingdom (1841-1910), when Albert Edward, Prince of Wales (1841-63)
Provenance:  Acquired by the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII), 1862


View from slopes and olive groves of the Mount of Olives towards distant rooftops of Jerusalem.
The royal party arrived at Jerusalem in the evening of 31 March. They set up a camp outside the city walls, between the Damascus Gate and the Gate of St. Stephen. Their first evening was spent walking along the walls of the town, taking in the view of the city, under the guidance of the Revd Dr Stanley, one of the gentlemen in the Prince’s party.

The photograph is unsigned, uncaptioned and undated. The number in the Day & Son series is 52.



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    • admin: is it correct to refer to the Druzim as shia muslim? i think they hate muslims….? they have a different religion.

  1. Reblogged this on pocketgopherblog and commented:
    Ah yes… here’s photos of the area where the “supposed” Palestinians supposedly have lived for “thousands of years”, by their lying claims. In one picture I see one building that may be a temple, but there aren’t mosques all over the place, like there would be if the stinking muslim freaks/Palestinians had been there as long as they claim.

    • If there had actually been all those ‘poor’ Palestinians who lost their so called land there, we would find active mosques all over the place. Lets not forget that supporters of the feigned Palestinian argument (Jihad) claim there was 1 million Palestinians in the region by this time. Where are they? So, there’s basically thousands of photos from the British Mandate proving that Hamas is lying.

      • Thank you so much Tsippi! My dad was born June 8, 1875. It is so good to learn truth!

      • Back then there were no Palestinians this is a name that is not that old but there were Arabs and Muslims living there and their own mosque buildings dating back to the 1100’s Boy some people are so hateful Every religion is fake there are no Gods

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      • So you care little about the 800,000 Jews kicked off their ancestral homelands in what are now now “Muslim nations”? How convenient for you to worry about some light skinned Jews. It is called DIASPORA…you jackass… Many European Jews were DIASPORA Jews…..not all Ashkenazim are converts…and even if they were, they are Jews now and Israel IS, HAS, and always WILL be the Jewish homeland. Since being kicked off our land we have longed to return. Some may have forgotten, but that doesn’t change that Israel is the ONLY place for Jews when anti-Semites, rage as they are doing now…. If you wanna befriend Islamists, go ahead…but hold on tight to your HEAD.

      • No, Ashkenazis back to ISRAEL, our Land, the only Land where jack asses like you cannot kill us without fearing for your own life. Because… WE WILL GET YOU!!

      • Muslims have occupied and forced their presence on more than 47 countries. How many more would you like them to take possession of? They have never stopped collecting countries – yet no one seem to criticize them. People love to criticize colonialism which is nowhere in comparison to Islam and the Muslims.

      • Even if it were true that *all* Ashkenazi Jews had lived in “Georgia”, it would not change their essential Jewishness – either by the genuine standard Jewish law lays down for determining Jewishness, OR you racist stupidity:

      • you vichi scum your father goebels? he would be proud of you …propoganda lies you seem to be a master at that. you were there in 1896? the only sound movie before 1927 nice try you scum bag

      • Jews came to Israel from all over the world not only from Georgia. We lived as a sovereign nation in Israel. That’s where we are originally from. Arabs are originally from Arabia and should go back to where they belong. Perhaps you want to accompany them and live in their enlightened world of human misery.

      • No, the logical, parallel response would be Ashkenazi Jews (that is, Jews who were expelled from Israel to Germany, etc.) should return to Israel, where they originate from.

      • Not Georgia, but Khazaria, via King Bulan who converted his populace to Judaism in the 5th century. They migrated north to Russia, west to Poland, Hungary, Germany, etc, and became known as the Ashkenazi Jews. Thus, by genealogy and 90 percent of today’s Jews are Ashkenazi, have no heritage claim to Israel.

      • ASHKENAZY Jews are Jews. That’s scientifically proved. However there is no such things as Palestinians. And take it in mind both Sephardic and Ashkenazi are mixed today.

      • Not sure which is greater, your lack of historical knowledge, or your lack of geographical knowledge.
        a) Most Ashkenazi Jews are NOT “Georgian” (That was my first laugh)
        b) Vurtually ALL Ashkenazi Jews are still Semitic

      • DNA analysis places the origination of the majority of Ashkenazi Jews in the mid-east Mediterranean area. The reports of conversions in Khazaria, as unreliable as the sources are, only recount the royal families and some of the nobility having converted to Judaism. Typical nazi propaganda: take an obscure legend and stretch and mold it to fit a twisted world-view.

      • The difference is Ashkenazi Jews are also from Israel. Palestinian Arabs are from Arabia, not Israel. Or do you think Ashkenazi Jews just magically appeared in Europe?

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    • This is a ceremony. On annual ceremonies people would come from neighboring regions. Let’s not forget that there was very little access to water in the British Mandate and people were not actually living there. It was barren except for only a small few hundred farmers until the late 1800s. The population only exploded with Muslims when Britain agreed to return the occupied land back to the Jewish people in 1917. Israel had the only remains of their history and religion left in the world. Muslims had destroyed everything else for them.

    • Dumbass, this was after the Zionists started arriving and Arabs began moving into the region because there was suddenly a sprouting economy giving migratory Arabs a reason to settle. Check Ottoman census data which confirms the Arab population explosion which followed Jewish immigration to the region. You fail.

      • No need to check – just look at what happens today with the migration to europe and you would know exactly how it happened in Israel and how things will turn out for europe. you think i’m kidding but the sad fact is it’s almost a done deal now. I can’t think of many ways in which europe remains christian. and by the way – the fact that israel exist seems to give the arabs also legitimacy to kill jews on europe. Or to chase them away from certain parts. isn’t that fucked up? I mean – if they also knife and shoot jews that are even not israelis – it just proves the point that the jewish people must have a country. and Israel is even not entirely jewish – there are 20% arabs here in the 1967 border lines – which all are equal citizens (well as much as they allow themselves to be normal – there are few cases every year in which arab women are murdered by their families because they discrace the family by not willing to marry an intended husband.) so even israel itself is not entirely jewish as they claim we are doing “ethnic cleansing” ha..and they world buys it – unbelievable. are people that stupid? or are they just antisematic? orthey just dont care of the facts and buy into what the biased media sells them? oh and by the way – speaking about minorities – do you know what is the arab-jewish ratio in the middle-east? about 200-5. that is 200milion arabs and 5 million jews.. so it’s 200 against 5. most of the 200 are enemies of israel – what a lovely neighborhood.

    • The cinematic evidence is very telling, displaying your appaling Western arrogance. Do you honestly expect all Jews to look like they come from London’s Golders Green or the Bronx. Of course there is evidence of moslims there, I counted at least 30 who were certainly moslim. As far as the rest of the video is concerned, there were numerous Oriental Jews in evidence, my own late father-in-law often wore his traditional Yemenite clothes. Several can clearly be seen praying at the Western Wall of the Temple Mount in a number of shots. In addition there were several flag bearing and waving scenes and these are re-enacted even today by the various Christian sects, most particularly the Eastern and Coptic sects.

      • You are kidding! Muslims praying at the Wall? They were in reality Jews wearing the Fez or Yemenite Clothes that was very common at that time!

    • Interesting video – as very few Arab / Palestinians. Quite a few Christians and lots of pictures of Jews. Note the number of people wearing a Fez. They will be Ottoman Turks or Jews (e.g. the Jew praying at 1.25min in). I have a picture of my great great uncle from the 1890s wearing a Fez. It was quite common for Jews but VERY uncommon for Arabs.

      It actually proves that Jerusalem was predominantly Jewish – disproving your anti-Semitic antics!

    • And many you see in this flic were Jews and Christians. After the 1870’s and the huge amount of cash brought into the Southern Levant by the Zionist Land Acquisition Syndicates, and their investment in both skilled people and new methods of farming-many, many Arabs moved into the area, as well as relacated Muslims from other Turkish Provinces that were at War with the Russians and the British. You can often tell by people’s names where there ancestors are from.
      “Masri” = from Egypt-Hamas member of Parliament, Mushir al-Masri (the word “masri” littelery means “the egyptian” in arabic !).
      “Khamis”= Bahrain “Salem Hanna Khamis” “al-Faruqi”= Mosul, Iraq
      “al-Araj” = Morocco, a member of the Saadi Dynasty “Hussein al-Araj”
      “al Lubnani” = the Lebanese
      “al-Mughrabi” = the Moroccan (Maghreb” – meaning “West” in Arabic, and usually referring to North Africa or specifically to Morocco)
      “al-Djazair” = the Algerian
      “al-Yamani” = the Yemeni “Issam Al Yamani”
      “al-Afghani” = the Afghan
      “al-Hindi” = the Indian “Amin al-Hindi”
      “Iraqi” = from Iraq.
      “halabi” = from Aleppo, Syria
      “El Baghdadi” = from Baghdad Iraq.
      “Tarabulsi”= Tarabulus-Tripoli, Lebanon.
      “Hourani” = Houran Syria.
      “al-Husayni” = Saudi Arabia.
      “Saudi” = Saudi Arabia.
      “Metzarwah”= Egypt.
      “Barda—wil” = “Salah Bardawil” HAMAS legislator in Gaza; Egypt, Bardawil Lake area.
      “Nashashibi” = Syria.
      “Bushnak” = Bosnia
      “zoabi”= from Iraq: “Haneen Zoabi”.
      “Turki” = Turkey “Daud Turki”
      “al-Kurd” = Kurdistan.
      “Haddadins” = YEMEN descended from Ghassanid Christian Arabs.
      “Arab Abu-Kishk” = Egypt.(Bedouins)
      “Arab al shakirat” = Egypt (Bedouins)
      “Arab al zabidat” = Egypt (Bedouins)
      “Arab al aramsha” = Egypt (Bedouins)
      “Alfar” = Christian family from southern Italy
      Even Yasser Arafat, the most famous “Palestinian” and leader of the P.L.O terrorist organization, was not native to Judea. He called himself a “Palestinian refugee” but spoke Arabic with an Egyptian accent. He was born in 1929 Cairo, Egypt. He served in the Egyptian army, studied in the University of Cairo, and lived in Cairo until 1956! His full name was Mohammed Abdel Rahman Abdel Raouf Arafat al-Qudwa al-Husseini. “Al-Qudwa” tribe origin?

      • The Tarabulsi or Trabelsi family clan would of course hail from Tripoli in Libya, not Lebanon.

      • Really a FAKE movie! The sound was aded much later, because at that time there was no talking movies that appeared only in 1927! Most of men wearing FEZ was turks(invaders) or Jews. No arab palestines!

      • And the Arabs pressured the British to remove them because they considered them to be kafirs, and wanted to establish a new caliphate – a Dar-al-Islam in the entire region and beyond.

    • He is a dumb ass Jew hater don’t take notice of him. What is the stupid vid. show???ass wipe??? Ottomans??? Christians??? Jews??? What is your point cretin??? Don’t worrie you will get your ass pierced as soon as eurabia will be all mozzo!!!

    • They didn’t have talkie pictures in 1896–the first known public exhibition of projected sound films took place in Paris in 1900 and the first commercial talkie was the Jazz Singer in 1927. This narration along with cheesy sound effects could have been added at anytime after the file was shot, but it does not necessarily describe what is pictured in the video.

      Most of the people walking by the camera are oriental Jews. The men wearing the traditional Fez are either Jews or Ottomans, not Arabs.

      • hahahahah Glad you caught that Scott! I was about to post the same thing! Talkies did not exist when this was supposedly taken!!! Total Anti-Jew PROPAGANDA!!!

  4. The Quran admits that Allah is Satan (Lucifer)!

    (Quran 3:54,8:30) “Allah is the Greatest of all deceivers”

    (Revelation 12:9) “the Devil and Satan who deceives the whole world”
    (Quran 10:37) “ Allah is the Lord of the worlds”

    (2 Corinthians 4:3-4) “Satan is the god (LORD) of this world”
    (Quran 59:23) “Allah is the most proud”

    (Isaiah 14:12-15/Ezekiel 28:11-19) “Satan was cast out of Heaven because of his pride”
    (Quran 3:156, 7:158, 15:23, 57:2) “Allah is the DESTROYER”

    (1 Corinthians 10:10) “Satan is the DESTROYER”
    (Quran 2:191) “ Kill them wherever you find them”

    (Exodus 20:13) “Thou shalt not kill”
    (Hadith 4:52:177) Allah’s Apostle said: “The hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and a stone in which a Jew will be hiding will say “Oh Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me so come & kill him”

    (John 16:1-3) “These things have I spoken unto you, that ye should not be offended. They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that (WHOSOEVER KILLETH YOU WILL THINK THAT HE DOETH GOD SERVICE). And these things will they do unto you, because (THEY HAVE NOT KNOWN THE FATHER, NOR ME).”
    (Quran 9:29) “Fight against those who believe not in Allah, nor in the last day, nor forbid that which has been forbidden by Allah & his messenger, and those (MEANING CHRISTIANS & JEWS) that acknowledge not the “Religion of Truth” (MEANING ISLAM) among the people of the scripture until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and they feel themselves subdued”

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    (Sura 8:60) “Strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of God and your enemies and others”

    (Sura 7:4) “If you encounter in war those who disbelieve, strike their necks…. Behead them”

    (Sura 8:12) “Give firmness to the believers (MEANING MUSLIMS) I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers (MEANING NON-MUSLIMS), you smite them above their necks and smite all their finger tips off them”

    (Revelation 20:4) “Then I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was given to them. And I saw the souls of those who had been (BEHEADED) because of their testimony of Jesus and because of the word of God, and those who (HAD NOT WORSHIPED THE BEAST OR HIS IMAGE, AND HAD NOT RECEIVED THE MARK ON THEIR FOREHEAD AND ON THEIR HAND); and they came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years”

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  6. 1859 British Consulate report: The Muslims of Jerusalem do not exceed a fourth of the entire population.

    1867 American author Mark Twain visited the Holy Land, and wrote about it in his book “The Innocents Abroad”: “…[a] desolate country whose soil is rich enough, but is given over wholly to weeds -a silent mournful expanse….A desolation is here that not even imagination can grace with the pomp of life and action….We never saw a human being on the whole route….There was hardly a tree or a shrub anywhere. Even the olive and the cactus, those fast friends of the worthless soil, had almost deserted the country.”

    Starting in 1878 enormous waves of Muslim immigration began arriving in what was essentially an empty territory.

    Unlike Arabs, when Jews immigrated to the Holy Land, it was the indigenous people returning.

    1922 – 1947: Arab population increased the most in cities with large Jewish populations that had created new economic opportunities. The non-Jewish population increased 290 percent in Haifa, 131 percent in Jerusalem and 158 percent in Jaffa. The growth in Arab towns was more modest: 42 percent in Nablus, 78 percent in Jenin and 37 percent in Bethlehem.

    DNA links among Cohanim of BOTH Ashkenazim and Sefardim:

  7. I wonder if 2 of the domes behind the temple mount, in the photo, are the Tiferes Yisrael Synagogue and the Hurva Synagogue, 2 synagogues that the Arabs destroyed after they expelled all Jews from the old city during Jordan’s illegal control.

  8. Dear
    Its diappointing that some falshy web allows you to publish such information
    Nevertheless i think you and who support you should read history
    Muslims are there before your mentioned date

    • Well, that’s kind of funny because that’s exactly what we do. We research history and authentic documentation. Maybe you could try that.

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    • Most people outside the UK don’t make the distinction between England and the UK.
      I used to mix it up and call the entire region England.
      After 5 weeks in Scotland I got to appreciate the distinction.

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    • Written by Karl Marx in 1854.

      “the sedentary population of Jerusalem numbers about 15,500 souls, of whom 4,000 are Mussulmans and 8,000 Jews. The Mussulmans, forming about a fourth part of the whole, and consisting of Turks, Arabs and Moors, are, of course, the masters in every respect, as they are in no way affected with the weakness of their Government at Constantinople. Nothing equals the misery and the sufferings of the Jews at Jerusalem, inhabiting the most filthy quarter of the town, called hareth-el-yahoud, the quarter of dirt, between the Zion and the Moriah, where their synagogues are situated – the constant objects of Mussulman oppression and intolerance, insulted by the Greeks, persecuted by the Latins, and living only upon the scanty alms transmitted by their European brethren.”

    • Peace and harmony eh? A short list of SOME incidents prior to Israel and ‘settlements’:

      Fez, Morrocco (1033) 6000 killed
      Granada, Spain (1066) 4000 killed
      Fez, Morocco (1146) 100,000 massacred
      Hebron and Safed massacres (1517)
      Sack of Tiberias (1660)
      Basra, Iraq (1776)
      Baghdad, Iraq (1828)
      Hebron massacre (1834)
      Safed attack (1838)
      Nebi Musa riots (1920)
      Hebron massacre (1929)
      Arab Riots (1936)
      Farhud, Iraq (1941)
      Libya, pogrom (1945)
      Cairo pogrom (1945)
      Yemen, (1947)

  14. SO MANY LIES being spouted by respondents to my jokey reply to the sick racist guy who wanted to send ‘Arabs’ back to ‘Arabia’. Yes, maybe I should have also listed Khazaria and Crimea, etc, amongst the true ancestral home of MOST Jews. Yes, fact: NEARLY ALL Jews are NOT ancestrally Judean. MOST Jews are NOT Semitic. Nearly all Palestinians ARE Semitic.

    • Rouxrenard, if you go to Israel you’ll see that more Jews have Semitic features than Arabs. The Arabs of Palestine are mixed with Hamites who entered the Arabian peninsula from Africa, and Europeans. When the Sultan of Turkey caught wind that the Jews we’re planning to return to Palestine, he launched the campaign to bring in Muslims from all over the Ottoman Empire, from Bulgaria to Yemen.

    • There have been so many DNA studies proving the Khazaria canard wrong. Here’s one:
      Also, my own DNA links my Ashkenazi side (Cohanim) all the way back through Eastern Europe to the Levant and to the some of the ‘palestinian’ arabs supporting Tsvi Misinai’s study which also showed many ‘palestinians’ to be ‘Secret Jews’ practising Jewish rituals out of sight and sharing DNA with Cohanim. On my Sephardi side, the links are from the UK via North Africa and back to the Levant with similar connections to the locals. As per the various studies this is not surprising given the small gene pool on both sides.

  15. Hi. I refer to Semitic as an ethnicity and ancestry not as a language. Most of the world’s Jews are descended from Europeans, not Judeans, i.e. Netanyahu is Polish..

    • Rouxrenard, can you explain why Netanyahu looks more Semitic than polish?

      Also, the reason so many Jews came from Crimea is they were exiled there by the Romans. The name “Crim” comes from the Hebrew word cara-im, which mean “writings/scripture” — because the Jews that settled there after being exiled from Palestine by the Eurpeans, were Caraites. “-Im” is the Hebrew plural suffix, hence Cara-im-ia.

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  17. Euh… Sorry but the Dome Of The Rock never has been a synagogue ! But it has been built on the Kodesh Hakodashim (the holy of the holies), the most important place for the Jews, the most important place in the Jewish 2 Temples.

  18. did the prophet at first say he saw satan or a dark sanatic force.then changed his view.this to me is the end of the story to me as the man had mental health problems end of story.this is why in his book there is on one page it is kill anyone who does not believe,then let all live in peace ect.the book is the ramblings of a person who decided to start his own religion and took wot he liked from jewish and christain holy books a pick and mix of his own unbalanced mind.this change of mind at the start of his story should be pointed out and toid to all.

  19. Hitler was known to have claimed that the bigger the lie the more believable it is. The Fakestinian cause seem intent on practising that.

  20. This is a wonderful set of photos. Has there been a Royal visit after that tour.
    Many Christians are not aware of the Brutal murders that took place by Moslems.

  21. Wow, whitewashing history are we? Unbelievable how this site is fueling the conflict and hatred. You should look in the mirror.

  22. The Muslems also claim that the Holocaust did not happen. When people lie and deny history they make it harder for other people to believe them. Only one Mosque in Jerusalem in 1860’s. Lots of cities where hundreds of Christians were killed by Muslems in 1860’s.

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