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Video: What is Palestine? Who are the Palestinians?

Palestinians are a jihad movement created out of political reasons, and motivated by a 1,400 year religious Islamic racist war that seeks to exterminate Jewish people.

There are two main extreme and racially related conflicts that keep flaring up as an endless source of militant attacks by Muslims through history: The Sunni-Shia division where Sunni’s seek to overtake and kill Shiites, and the Muslim-Jewish conflict where Muslims strive to eliminate all Jews.

There was no “Palestinians” in Transjordan when the British assigned the area back to the Jews in 1917. Palestinians are a creation by militant leader and Nazi collaborator Amin Al-Husseini. Al-Husseini was the son of the Ottoman Grand Mufti being permitted to remain in Jerusalem after the removal of Ottoman occupiers. As a religious head Amin Al-Husseini was an extremist and hate preacher, called “very cruel and callous” even by fellow Arabs.

Palestinians are from Egypt and Saudi Arabia. When Al-Husseini’s jihadis flooded into Israel in huge numbers as a sudden flash mob, the fighters from Egypt ended up in Gaza as Israeli’s fought back and block them progressing further into the new land. The Saudi arm of the “Palestinian” jihadi’s ended up in the West Bank. As this mass invasion expanded it also began to include jihad initiatives from other Arab countries in the Middle East.

Al-Husseini’s traditional Muslim racism against the Jews – instructed onto Muslim by prophet Mohammed –  took even more extreme form when he tried to form alliances with Italy, Russia, Germany, Britain and France in a unified effort to exterminate all Jews; a Muslim dream. Al-Husseini used to usual tool created from the time of Mohammed to build alliances: endless propaganda that would portray violent Muslim invaders as victims while painting the true victims of Muslim aggression as untrustworthy plotters and villains. Through these efforts and endless publications translated into many languages, Al-Husseini created the fabricated concept behind the book “Elders of Zion” (a Russian military war propaganda tied in with the Muslim alliance).

Although Britain, France, Italy and Russia were reluctant to join this alliances for a total extermination and genocide of an entire people, Hitler and his Nazi party found friendship with Al-Husseini and formed an alliance that would set a plan to target Jewish people. This is when Hitler started to persecute Jews. It is noteworthy that prior to this friendship with Al-Husseini Hitler had actually no plan or outline to create a holocaust or target Jews in any particular way. It tells us that the actual force that prompted the Nazi’s came from Muslims. The holocaust was drafted on the format of the Armenian genocide – the Muslim genocide of over 4 million Christians in Turkey. No acknowledgement, compensation or apology has ever been given to the surviving victims of the genocide on Christians.

How to Verify?

In this sea of propaganda created by Palestinians, how can you verify these claims for yourself to find evidence that “Palestinians” are a political creation and illegal occupants in both Gaza and the West Bank?

It’s actually quite simple.

A.  Timeline. A careful study of the timeline and pairing Muslim activity in the region as the events unfolded gives a clearer picture of events.

B.  The British kept census records from the British Mandate and Transjordan long before 1917 when it was re-assigned back to the Jews, after all of their land had been invaded and occupied by Muslims leaving them basically completely stateless all over the world. Anyone can research the census records and see how the Muslim population rapidly grew when the jihad plans were put into operation. This would demonstrate that the “Palestinians” are a fabricated people and are actually militant occupiers created solely out of political and religious motives.

C.  A third way in which the “Palestinian” fabrications can be laid bare is by calculating the population growth versus the death rate. The average birth rate per “Palestinian” woman is 6 children. Had the “Palestinians” had an actual authentic presence in the region their present day population would have been enormous. The Egyptian invaders lodged in Gaza are now 1.657 million (2011) in number while the mainly Saudi population lodged in the West Bank are 1.715 million (2010 census) in numbers. This proves that the population growth actually began to take place only after Amin Al-Husseini’s forces mass occupied the region mainly after 1935 – and the population growth correlates to this fact.

D.  A fourth source is the testimonies given by many former “Palestinians” and even PLO and Hamas leaders, which are available through videos and audio clips.

E.  A study of the Nazi’s and their strategies and decisions, the meetings Hitler held with Al-Husseini and the timeline of these events.


It is now time to end this Muslim occupation of Jewish land, and the 1,400 racist Muslim persecution of Jews that has been relentless and continuous without a single break for all these years since the birth of prophet Mohammed.

This video gives an accurate and historically factual presentation of Palestine and the “Palestinian” people:



18 thoughts on “Video: What is Palestine? Who are the Palestinians?

  1. Who occupied the territory prior to the British “assigning it to the Jewish? Who gave the Brits the right to assign it? Ostensibly there were no “Israelis” in the territory prior to 1947 since there was no Israel; so are the Israelis also a created people?

    • There has been Jewish people living in Israel for 4,000 years. Of course there was Jews there prior to 1947! There were more Jews and Christians than any Muslims. The area did not even have a mosque. How is that possible if it was a Muslim territory occupied and taken from them? Learn your history.

    • There were always Jews in fackt in Jerusalem the majorety were Jews.created people?sins were the Jews are created people?

  2. No one disputes the fact that there has been an existing Semetic civilization (Hebrew and Arab) in the land now called Israel for 4000 years. I’m not 100% sure which “area” you are referring to as not having a mosque, since the Dome of the Rock Mosque was completed around 631 A.D.; the white mosque of Nazareth 1809; the mosque in Acre 1758 (albeit on the site of a synagogue), and as with many religions (Judaism and Christianity included) early worship was done in private homes etc.. Query: Was there a functioning Hebrew STATE (not nation) subsequent to the invasion of Rome and prior to 1947? Israel’s right to exist and defend itself is not being questioned anymore than would the right of the US government to defend itself from native americans who took to violence to reclaim some portion of.

    • But why are you referring to confiscated Synagogues and Cathedrals that were taken by theft and brutal invasion, slaughtering people, as a Muslim building? Dome of the Rock was a Byzantine Temple. As with all “grand” mosques Muslim had them altered and converted into a mosque during extremely bloody takeovers. The Dome of the Rock was left unused as late as early 1900’s. It was restored in 1917. If Muslims had a strong presence in the area like they claim, the mosque would have been in full use all the time plus there would have been hundreds of mosques all across Israel and Palestine before the foreign Jews arrived to join with the local Jews who had been there since ancestral times. The so called Palestinians only came into being after the illegal mass immigration post 1935 when Muslims occupied Palestine’s Gaza and West Bank to commit jihad in a ancient racist war against Jews. Britain handed Israel back to the Jews in 1917. Jordan which was originally a part of Israel, was given to the invading Muslims to encourage them to stop arguing about loss of land. They did not care. They still continued to kill Jews. Anyone can go through British archives census records and see that there were an extremely small Muslim population in the region, and most of them were passers-by or traders who came from surrounding regions. The Jewish and Christian community was a majority up until Muslim flash and mass illegal immigration in the 1930’s.

  3. I don’t know the answer to this question and so I’m asking, how was the immigration by Arabs into Israel “illegal” if there was no State? Who would it have been illegal as against, not “Israel” as it didn’t exist, not the indigenous Jews as they were specifically subjects Great Britain and the Ottoman Turks (thus without their own sovereignty). Regarding the bloody take-overs of the area, didn’t the crusade’s result in the taking back/liberating large portions of the holy lands from muslims who had then occupied them for 300-500 years? The attempts to re/declassify the “so-called” Palestinians is an unnecessary semanticism. While there have always been Semetic people (Hebrews and Arabs) in the area, there were no “so called” “Israelis” until 1947 either. Regardless of whether you use the construct of the political “state” or that of a cultural “nation” to define/classify the two groups it would appear that “Palestians” is a short hand for Arabs of Palestine.

  4. By the way official British census figures from 1922 and 1931 indicate that muslims made up 78 and 73% of population respectively; further, the growth in Arab population was largely natural. Jewish immigration during the period accounts for a growth from 1/6 to 1/3 of population.

    • Not true. Why do you look at census figures POST the start of the illegal influx where 30,000 would pour into the region from neighboring countries in a matter of weeks? And why include Ottoman Turks who were not even from the area and can never claim to been Palestinians\/ The largest invasion became unstoppable in mid 1930’s. Jews were blocked from entering their own country.
      If Muslims lost land and were 1 million pre Israel as they claim look at census records from 1880, 1890, 1900. A 1 million population at their growth rate would have made the Palestinian population 10x larger than they are today. But they are jihad occupiers so their population only began to grow after the occupation – and the current population accurately reflects that new and recent growth.
      This method of conquest is used in jihad strategy all over the world, not only Palestine.

  5. Again, if the British “assigned” the area to the Jewish people in 1917, that presupposes the fact that they did not own or have their own country prior to then, and they could not be “blocked from entering their own country” pre- 1946. Nevertheless, a significant number of Semetic people (Jews and Arabs) did enter both legally and illegally into the area known as Palestine. Regarding the Ottoman Turks “not being from there”, it is also true that the vast majority of Jewish population was not there before immigration post 1920 (both legal and illegal), and further culminating with the mass immigration with the creation of the State of Israel post 1945-47. Your arguments that the Arabs living in the area under the rule of the Ottoman Turks are not from there and should not be counted for census purposes are quizzical since by that logic the Jews living in the area under Ottoman Turkish rule would likewise not be counted. I don’t see the point, other than pedantic utility and bias, to differentiate Ottoman Arabs/muslims, Palestinian Arabs/muslims, Syrian Arabs/muslims; etc. who have immigrated to Palestine, whilst not doing so for German Hebrew/Jews; Russian Hebrew/Jews; Palestian Hebrew/Jews; French Hebrew/Jews who have immigrated as well.

    Israel has a right to exist because it does exist; it has a right to defend itself just as we in the US were and would continue to be justified in killing off any one of many Native Americans (collectively or as “tribes”) placed on reservations (Gaza) if they began lobbing grenades into urban population centers. But your attempt justify the situation through an illogical reclassification of what is and has always been one of the largest segment of the population is unfortunate, but if it helps you sleep at night, I understand.

  6. JR. Not sure what issue you are referring to regarding the dialogue. The issue of Israel’s existence, or the (unnecessary) attempt to justify same by claiming that there were no Arab’s in Palestine prior to the 1920-1947 period.

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