Arabs flood the web with propaganda. UN announces Fraud Alert on fake speeches.

Muslims are a horribly dishonest people by nature. They are also very aggressive, violent and feel an entitlement to force themselves onto other people. The dispute with Israel is about nothing else but pure racism that originates with Islamic ideology. The fueled racism and demand of war against jews fed into Arabs was created through clever propaganda strategies set out by al-Hussaini, the remnant Grand Mufti of the Ottomans, permitted to remain behind by Britain during the British mandate. And what a mistake that was. His handiwork lives on even today.

This is a UN Alert set up as a notice on the UN website regarding Muslim fraud and lies about a speech that never even took place, trying distort the facts about Israel’s membership in the UN. Muslims have endlessly churned out lies on everything from their occupation, touted as ‘loss of land’ to the false map of actual boundaries of Israel, to weepy claims to a peace they don’t even want. Palestinians are a terrorist creation, dating back to the 1920’s. And this is why their country of origin, Egypt and Arabia, don’t want to allow them to move back to their real and authentic homeland.


UN Alert: Fraudulent speech

We have received a number of questions about a speech that has been circulating [by Muslims] on the Internet and is said to be attributed to the Secretary-General.

The bogus speech is dated 12 May 2009 and refers to Israel’s membership in the United Nations.

We would like to make it absolutely and categorically clear that this is not a speech by the Secretary-General and does not represent in any way the views of the Secretary-General.

It should be noted in this regard, that the false attribution of statements to the Secretary-General and UN officials is prohibited, and the misuse of the name and emblem of the United Nations is prohibited by General Assembly resolution 92(I) of 7 December 1946, as well as by international law.


Screencap of UN’s notice from their official website.
Note that the Muslims are so deceptive they have even attempted to create fake UN sites, with fake content, fake maps, fake speeches! Why would a people, if they were genuine victims of occupation by anyone, have to fraud their so called history and ‘rights’? History is history unless they want it distorted, knowing fully well that they never came from Palestine but are illegal occupiers.



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