Islamic Crusades 2: Before Islam… Egypt, Iran, Iraq

The Muslim Issue

In the 21st century, the dominant narrative of American history is one of white European Christian exploitation. We are told from an early age that we are invaders, aliens, usurpers; that we gained this territory through aggression, colonialism, and genocide of the native population. Further, we are told that there is no remedy to this situation. Our nation was conceived in sin, and no matter how far we progress in ethnic, religious and racial tolerance; no matter how much money we lay out in benefits and reparations, we cannot wash the blood from our hands.

Accordingly the progressive view is that we must always show deference, humility, and passivity in foreign policy; that our interactions with other nations should take the form of eternal apologies and bottomless unaccountable foreign aid. And God forbid we should make a moral judgment on a genocidal dictator, or a backwards theocracy, because in light…

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