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Hamas Video: Palestinian Child Soldiers for Allah

Like most children, Palestinian children see their parents as role models. So what message can a young child take from his father, member of a Hamas “special unit”, who was killed when the bomb he was preparing exploded in his hands?

Hamas child soldier. A new Hamas clip features the son of the dead Palestinian terrorist wearing a military uniform and holding a rifle, as he steadfastly vows to follow his father:

“Father, we are not saying goodbye; I will see you as a martyr in Paradise.”

The video blends scenes of the boy’s declarations — filmed in a setting identical to those of suicide terrorist farewell videos — with scenes of his father teaching him to shoot a rifle. Reciting from a prepared text, the boy declares his intention to be a Jihad fighter like his father, promising him: “My eyes will shed no tears [over you], but my finger will pull the trigger.” He likewise thanks his father: “I will never forget, beloved father, the times when you taught me the love of Jihad and the love of arms.”

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