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Every creed have their Village Fools: Jews initiate a Pro-Palestine protest in the U.S.

You got to be either 1) clueless, 2) completely naive, 3) uneducated, 4) mad, to support terrorists and pretend that they victims of a conflict they never want to end. There are even Jews in this protest! Can people see how insane this is? It is like Jews opposing the closure of the gas chambers in Germany and protesting WWII against the Germans, claiming the Nazi’s to be liberators and victims! It’s so bizarre words almost fail.

Sadly these village fools actually believe they are supporting some form of Human Rights. The may find the truth if they actually lived in Gaza for a few years and the blinders would come off. How can anyone who believe in human rights support an Islamic militant organization that is proud and happy to kill other people, who want to commit genocide, who use their own people as human shields so they can pretend they were victims of a defense force, and who train their own women and children to become suicide bombers?

How come none of them protest the Palestine indoctrination of children and oppose young children and teenagers to be pushed into becoming suicide bombers?

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