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Maajid Nawaz: “Violent and Nonviolent Islamism Are Based on the Same Ideology”

Maajid Nawaz – Chairman of Quilliam, a counter extremism organisation – is a British born Muslim who became a radical Islamist. He was arrested and imprisoned in Hosni Mubarak’s Egypt, but when he emerged from prison he renounced his former views and launched a campaign to counter Islamist ideology. To some he is a truth teller, to others a traitor.

BBC HardTalk’s Presenter Stephen Sackur has always represented a very low level of comprehension on pretty much any topic. The man simply lacks any depth of reasoning. How he manages to have a show on BBC is really quote astonishing. Here, while discussing Egypt and the Arab Spring, he ridicules Maajid Nawaz’s experiences that he shares on Islam and calls it ‘fears of Islamist takeover’ and claims it is simply not there. Sackur is not a Muslim and never has been. But like many people in Western media he simply refuses to acknowledge the truth to what any Muslims says who decides to come out and describe Islam without whitewashing the ideology.

The show was aired on BBC on August 15, 2012. Even then anyone half informed would grasp that the Muslim Brotherhood are a terrorist organization and not liberals. Stephen Sackur’s deep ignorance is revealed when he describes the extremist Muslim Brotherhood as ‘playing a very important role in the post-revolutionary politically process’. Sackur even has the audacity to state that ‘democracy seems to be winning out’ and goes as far as to claim the Muslim Brotherhood forces are ‘highly adaptable, highly flexible and appear to be tolerant’!

What can one say? What does the Islamofascist Stephen Sackurhe got to say for himself now, when it is clear the Muslim Brotherhood wants to establish a conservative Islamic state run on Sharia in Egypt which has already succeeded in demolishing synagogues and churches, and with continued “rebel” efforts spreading to Syria and elsewhere?

No matter how many times journalists like Stephen Sackur are told the truth they simply refuse to grasp the significance of it. when he always argued and contradicted anyone who claimed otherwise? Shame on people like Stephen Sackur who pander to terrorists and extremists and try to trivialize their anti-democratic agenda.

4 thoughts on “Maajid Nawaz: “Violent and Nonviolent Islamism Are Based on the Same Ideology”

  1. He is a fraud and tricking gullible non muslims and even ignorant muslims with his half quotes and in most cases wrong interpretations on Quranic quotes to prove his point. He just wants the governments grants and fame since finding out in prison that money can be made in this way. The enemies of Islam have been trying to change the Quran since it was revealed and this is just another attempt at it by using an “ex-radical” muslim, if at all he is one and hasn’t secretly left the fold of Islam.

    Ask the masses what they think of this slick talking liar and fraudster and you will see most Muslims wouldn’t even give him the time of day. He is full of lies ad can’t get enough of himself. Making up fake death threats to get attention hahaha. how pathetic

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