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Palestine’s creation of children martyrs and suicide bombers

If you want children to comply to willingly become terrorists, make it fun and entertaining…  These are the same children that Western pro-Palestine supporters blame Israel for. Does Israel create suicide bombers of their own children? They are too humane for that.

It is unfathomable why the pro-Palestinian groups cannot grasp that the children in Palestine suffer not because of Israel, but because of a well-known terrorist organization known as Hamas and Hizbollah.

If they want to support and protect the children of Palestine, they need to oppose Hamas and Hizbollah, who churn out suicide bombers and toddler warriors one by one like a factory.

Hamas recruits civilians through “social services”. They provide healthcare, education and various basic services to gain support from the masses. But these services come with a condition: you must join and be an active member and supporter of Hamas and it’s terrorist ideology. If you disagree these social services are not provided to you, even if you are a Palestinian.


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