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Palestine recruiting children: 14-year old suicide bomber saved by Israeli Security

Things you Haven’t seen from the Checkpoints as seen on Israeli TV – the commercial channel 2.

Hussam Abdo, a 14 year old Palestinian boy. A suicide bomber getting caught at the Shchem (Nablus, Hawara) checkpoint.

Published material notes the boy’s full name to be Hussam Bilal Abdo.

He was, according to his own family (see: ‘The Making of a Martyr’), unpopular in class and wanted to be popular so the best way is to become a “martyr” hero and an older friend of his had direct connection with the bomb makers so he agreed to take him to them and they offered him 100 Israeli Shekels for doing the deed (about 24 US Dollars at the time of the event). Reports from the scene are that he started running towards the checkpoint and the soldiers noticed and ordered him to stop put and he did and was caught. He’s currently in Israeli jail, even more brainwashed for “martyrdom” than before since his jail mates are all coming from the same “Muqawama” (a.k.a. popular resistance / eternal conflict enhancement) ideology.

A more heart-breaking story (from ‘Cult of the Suicide Bomber’), is that of Wafa Al-Biss, who got severely burned in her kitchen by a gas explosion and had her life saved in an Israeli hospital that treated her. Later, she abused her pass privilege to try and bring a bomb over, thinking of blowing herself up in the very hospital that saved her life and treated her like everyone else.

Arabs will never abandon Jew hatred. It’s an instruction provided by Mohammed and a “duty”.

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