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Pallywood: Palestine caught faking ‘Israeli attacks’ with actors and staging

Do you still believe the present-day manner of news broadcasting ? Then all your hopes will be deceived.

Here’s some footage you don’t see on regular TV. Note the Palestinian way of lying and deceiving the rest of the world, even including the Palestinian population itself. The staging of fabricated Israeli aggression and unprovoked attacks was discovered by chance by a pro-Palestine French TV team who intended to make a documentary on Palestine victims of Israeli aggression. They changed their mind after witnessing the many fake reports given to them and began to investigate some of the claimed attacks.

Former Hamas members have complained that they left Hamas because they witnessed Hamas murder their own people on regular basis. Hamas would sometimes murder Palestinians and arrange press photography to claim these were Israeli attacks. They further witnessed Palestine stage and fake exaggerated number of Israeli attacks and Palestinian dead than what is actual numbers.

May I introduce to you; the most advanced, believable, stunning, pitiable and thrilling world of Palliwood!

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