Antisemitism / Ethnic Cleansing / Genocide / Islam / Jews / Muslims / Palestine / PLO / Saudi Arabia

24/7 Antisemitism in the Arab world

A compilation of Muslim clerics, Imams and commentators from across the Muslim world showing a worrying trend of antisemitism — not rooted in the existence of Israel. Including calls for genocide, blood libels and verses from Koran and Hadith calling for the extermination of Jews regardless of Zionism.

The compilation was prepared by Memri Founder for his Presentation at the U.N. and contain only a fragment of the Jew hate and call for hate crimes against the jews presented in media across the Middle East on a 24/7 basis 365.

But despair not. Muslim media is not only filled with antisemitism and extreme jew hatred. It is also filled with regular sermons calling for the rejection and hate of all non-Muslims and the future invasion and conquest of non-Muslim countries under a singular Islamic rule.

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