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Blaming The Jews – Centuries Of Muslim Antisemitism (part 1/4)

David Aaronovitch’s stunning documentary “Blaming the Jews” gives us a inside peek at the mindset of the Muslim world in the Middle East, with a presentation will leave you soaking in a puddle of chills.

If you have questions about the underlying intent of Islam toward Israel and the West, this documentary should provide some answers. They may not be the answers you wanted to hear, but they are well presented and supported with facts, truth, and on-camera discussions with powerful people in the Muslim world.

David Aaronovitch speculates whether antisemitism originates from Europe, and was adopted by Arabs. We disagree. There is no evidence of antisemitism in history prior to Mohammed. History demonstrate it is the other way around: antisemitism is a creation of Islam and was spread to Europe and the rest of the world through Islam and the influence of trade, invasion and immigration of Muslims.

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